16 February 2017 - 15:40

Runtime sponsors Team Kinguin

Team Kinguin has earned a new sponsor.
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Runtime, a company that creates healthy and nutritional products specifically designed for esports, has become a new partner for Team Kinguin's League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams, the organization announced today.

Kinguin's statement on the sponsorship is as follows:

"Runtime, the world’s first esports performance nutrition supplier and Poland-based esports organization, Team Kinguin, have entered into a partnership, making Runtime the official performance nutrition partner to Team Kinguin’s CS:GO and League of Legends teams. Runtime believes that esports players are athletes and their nutrition and exercise programs should reflect that fact. After years of consulting with leading sports nutrition experts and perfecting their formulas with the highest-quality ingredients, Runtime has launched Buff Food, a complete meal replacement powder, and Runtime Orange, a performance energy drink. Both products are designed specifically to release energy slowly and evenly over a period of time so that a player can focus on the game during long hours of training or during stressful matches.Kinguin, a gaming marketplace, is known for their commitment to esports. Team Kinguin’s mission to promote and teach esports, while developing players to reach their full potential perfectly aligns with Runtime’s product offerings."

Viktor Wanli, Kinguin's founder and CEO, is also extremely excited about his organization's newest sponsor. "Our partnership with Runtime is another step in providing Team Kinguin with all the tools necessary to reach their peak," Wanli said. "International and regional tournaments have very tight schedules, making it nearly impossible for our athletes to eat proper, nutritious meals. Runtime is the perfect solution as Buff Food decreases hunger and offers one-third of all nutrients required daily, and Runtime Orange boosts focus and performance.”

With several professional players complaining about eating properly during long events or tournaments, Kinguin might have found a viable solution in Runtime.

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Image via Kinguin/Runtime

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