2 August 2017 - 16:50

Speedrunners are racing to beat Champion's Guild in old RuneScape in just over an hour

The current record sits at one hour and 24 minutes. Can it go any lower?
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Image via Jagex

RuneScape has gone through a lot of changes since its initial release in 2001. But the old 2007 servers still hold a place dear to player's hearts—including speedrunners.

The free-to-play Champion's Guild percent speedrun has players create a brand new character to try and complete the Champion's Guild quest on a random server. The Champion's Guild is the hardest quest available in the free RuneScape servers, it tasks players with exploring the entire map to collect a series of items to slay a dragon.

The current world record of one hour and 24 minutes was set by YouTuber Muffan on July 31.

RuneScape speedruns are fascinating to watch. Each speedrunner has different strategies on how to level up their character as quickly as possible to complete a quest—all while having to deal with other players that could steal vital EXP or gold away from them.

Micromanaging resources, farming the best spots, and praying that luck is on your side are all things that speedrunners hope for in order to get the best time.

The previous world record stood for just over eight months until Muffan started to play the game. With the world record in his hands, Muffan is hoping to see more members of the speedrunning community take up RuneScape speedruns in the future.

Here's hoping to see a RuneScape speedrun at the next Games Done Quick event.

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