14 September 2017 - 19:12

Rocket League developer Psyonix wants cross-platform multiplayer

Yes, please!
Image via Rocket League

Imagine this for a second: you’re playing in the same living room on your Switch, in the same game, as your friends playing on Playstation 4.

That will soon be a reality in Rocket League, according to the game's creative director, Corey Davis.

In an interview with Destructoid at Pax West, Davis said that Psyonix, Rocket League's developer, is working on cross-platform support. There’s only one problem that stands in its way: the platform holders. Davis confirmed that as soon as the platform holders open up the gates to their networking services, the agnostic Rocket League servers can start matchmaking friends from across platforms.

This is a really exciting turn of events, and would have never been possible in previous console-war eras. That’s not to say that it will be effortless—but it is a step in the right direction especially with the upcoming version of the game on Nintendo Switch.

It’s been the pipedream for many to play video games with others cross-platform. If the past year of announcements is anything to go by (Mojang announced Minecraft cross-console play recently at E3), it looks like it's fast becoming a reality for many games.

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