14 September 2016 - 16:55

Razer Officially Launches zVentures, Looks to Invest $30 Million in Esports, VR, Gaming Software Tech

A year after its announcement in November 2015, Razer officially launched its zVentures fund, which will give$30 million towards ideas for gaming and computers.
Journalist for GAMURS

Do you have an idea of the next big thing in esports, gaming, or computers?

Razer is listening, and it has about $30 million to help fund those ideas through their new zVentures investment fund.

The official website for zVentures updated itself earlier this week, and other media outlets from around the web reported that the company is accepting ideas.

Specifically, the company is looking for ideas in IoT, software, advanced manufacturing, robotics, VR and AR, gaming software tech, and, interestingly enough, esports.

There has been no word on what Razer could be investing in specifically for esports, but speculation would indicate that they would be interested in technology to improve events and streaming.

Last year, Razer snatched up a significant portion of Ouya, albeit with a smaller investment pool of around $5 million. This, along with the $75 million investment of Hangzhou Liaison Interactive, helped catapult the company into a billion dollar entity.

With that valuation, Razer is now playing a game of venture capatalism and, through zVentures, is looking for its billion dollar idea.

What specifically do you think Razer is looking to invest in for esports?

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