29 June 2017 - 17:26

Qualifiers for Quake Champions’ $1 million Worlds kick off today

EU and NA, show us what you got!
Image via id Software/Bethesda

Some of the best Quake Champions players are set to compete for a chance at heading to the $1 million Quake World Championships later this year.

Quake Champions is the first entry in the Quake series since 2005's Quake 4. It's a first-person shooter, and has been in open beta since May 12, with a full release sometime in 2017.

Qualifiers for Europe begin today and start in America on July 1 for the Duel tournament and 4v4 Sacrifice mode. Teams can register at ESL's Quake website for a chance to take part in future qualifiers.

All qualifiers will be played on NA or EU servers, but other regions can participate so long as they are ok with higher latency. The NA qualifiers includes the Americas and Australia, while Europe includes the Russian and Asia regions.

The top eight placed teams of these qualifiers will advance to the Regional Finals, starting August 5, for a chance at competing at QuakeCon on August 24 in Dallas, Texas.

All matches for the qualifiers will be played online and streamed on the Quake Champions Twitch channel from 1pm ET.

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