5 August 2017 - 18:17

A long-standing Quake speedrun world record has fallen

The record also dropped under 12 minutes for the first time.
Image via id Software

The Quake world record in the easy run category had remained untouched since September 2015—until Aug. 3.

The easy run category tasks the player with completing the game on its easiest difficulty as quickly as possible, and Jukebox is the first person to beat the category in under 12 minutes with a time of 11:57—something speedrunners once thought might be impossible.

Quake is one of the oldest speedrun games. Almost as soon as the game was released in 1996, people began trying to finish its levels as quickly as possible.

This brought life to Quake Done Quick, a series of speedrun movies in which Quake was completed as quickly as possible. It’s considered one of the earliest instances of the speedrunning community forming.

The speedrun itself is an easy to play, but hard to master category. Intricate details make the speedrun very complex—one small button press could throw off the entire speedrun. But once a Quake run is completed, it’s one of the most rewarding experiences for any speedrunner.

If everything comes together and flows in your run, maybe you can contest Jukebox's new world record. But some Quake fans just hope that it doesn't take another year to beat this record.

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