9 July 2017 - 15:25

PUBG's zombies mode is frantic and fun

This looks like it has some potential.
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Zombies have been a staple in video games for a long time. Everything from Call of Duty to Left 4 Dead has had their own variation of the walking undead, but a new contender has entered the ring.

The insanely popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds now has a zombies mode of its own, and it stands apart from the rest.

Currently, the mode is only available to host for partnered content creators, but those lucky enough to get into one of their games can experience what it's like to play PUBG's zombiesand it looks incredibly fun.

PUBG's zombies mode works a lot like the regular game. It starts with players dropping from a plane and looting weapons and gear, but there's a catch. The host can choose how many players are normal gun-toting fighters, and how many are zombies. That's right, the zombies are player-controlled.

Zombies are mostly naked, unable to pick up weapons or gear, and they're only able to swing their fists to do damage. The most fun is had when a small team of players, let's call them survivors, is matched up against a huge horde of zombies.

For example, a PUBG lobby can hold 100 total players. A small team of survivors, usually a content creator and a few friends, going up against over 90 zombies makes for an intense game.

Here's an example from popular broadcaster Lirik, who played with fellow streamer friends GiantWaffle and Shortyyguy, against 97 zombies. The zombies all agreed to drop off at a central location (the school in the middle of the map), and the game proceeded as normal.

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As the circle got smaller, however, more and more zombies were seen. They closed in on the circle just as the survivors did, and coordinated themselves to push the survivors as their surroundings got more and more cramped.

When there are roughly 80 zombies closing in on three survivors in an ever-shrinking circle, chaos ensues. The survivors truly felt how badly the numbers were stacked against them as the horde quickly came into view and pushed them as a group. It's intense and it's exciting to play and watch.

While only partners can host these games, and consequently choose who's a survivor and who's a zombie, anyone can join a game that's made public. Just hover over the "Play" button on the top left of the main menu, and scroll to the bottom where it says "Custom Matches."

PUBG's zombies truly nails the feel of the scariest parts of a zombie apocalypse—sheer numbers that are seemingly unstoppable to beat. And the best part is, the zombies are controlled by players. They're sprinting right at you, and they're dangerous.

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