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The best weapons and attachments in PUBG

These are the guns you should target while looting.
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In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, your looting time is precious. You need to pick up a gun and be ready to fight as soon as your feet hit the ground.

But once the dust settles and you have your pick of the litter, which guns and attachments should you be using? Here's a guide on what weapons to use in PUBG.

Assault rifles


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This gun is an absolute monster, but it's only found in loot crates. If you find a Groza on a body or out of a care package, pick it up and feel the power in your hands. Outfit it with a decent scope and get ready to wreak havoc with its 7.62 ammunition.

M16A4, SCAR-L, AKM, M416

You can't go wrong with either one of these guns, but it depends on what you're using them for. The M16A4 makes a decent replacement for a sniper rifle at long range as its initial bullet speed is the highest in its class.

The SCAR-L is a beast when fully equipped with attachments, like a compensator, a vertical foregrip, and extended quickdraw magazine. It is the best assault rifle in the game when firing full auto at range.

The AKM and M416 are also solid options, and in the end, it may come down to personal preference. Try out each of them and see which gun fits your playstyle best.

Sniper rifles

Image via Bluehole Studio

AWM, M24

The AWM is a devastating gun with the highest damage in its class, but it can only be found in care packages. If it's equipped with an 8x or 15x scope, it can destroy enemies and pop off their helmets at insane distances, and should be an immediate pick-up if found. The M24 is also exclusive to care packages, and is a step down from the AWM, but will still perform very well.

Kar98K, SKS

Outside of the AWM, these two guns are your next best bet. The Kar98k is a bolt action rifle that will serve you well. The SKS sacrifices accuracy for fire rate as it's semi-automatic and is also classified as a designated marksman rifle, or DMR. Both guns can be kitted out with front attachments like a flash hider, but a suppressor would be dominant as it'll make it especially tough for the enemy to find you.

Submachine guns


With the best initial bullet speed in class, the UMP is a great option for close encounters. Its decent range also means it's more versatile than a shotgun for CQC fighting, so it's a solid option in early and mid game until you can find a sniper rifle or assault rifle. A fully kitted UMP with a suppressor or compensator, grip, extended mag, and reticle, turns it into a strong choice.

Micro Uzi, Vector

Both of these SMGs are solid early game options, especially if you have an extended mag. The Vector (13) and Uzi (25) both have small magazine sizes, so if you want to use them fully automatic and up close, the more bullets the better. Stability is also nice, so a stock and grip will come in handy.



If you decide to go the route of a shotgun in the early game, your best bet will be the S12K. It has the lowest damage, but it's fully automatic and can shred a squad up close. If equipped with an extended mag, it will hold eight shots and be fully spammable.

S1897, S686

Both the pump action S1897 and double barrel S686 can keep you alive in the first few engagements of a round. Since everyone will be fighting for loot as soon as they hit the ground, you can use these to your advantage to run up on someone and blow them away.


Image via Bluehole Studio


As the only fully automatic handgun in the game, the P18C can be argued for usage outside of early game skirmishes. It's a solid option to be able to quickly switch to and finish somebody off in the heat of a gunfight. Plus, it just looks awesome, especially when equipped with a red dot, suppressor, and extended mag, which puts its round capacity to 25 shots.

P92, R1895

If all else fails you, these two pistols can turn the tide in an early game fight. The P92 is a 9mm gun whose biggest strength is its 15-round clip, and the R1895 revolver holds 7.62 ammo and has the most damage in its class.

Melee weapons


As of now, no other melee weapon matters in the PUBG meta. The frying pan can one-hit an unarmored enemy with a headshot, but the bulk of its value is that it blocks shots when equipped and held on the back of your character. The "ping" sound effect will be music to your ears as you survive a shot to the rear.

The ideal setup you should look for in PUBG is a sniper rifle and assault rifle—one long-range gun and one gun for up-close engagements. Pistols are mostly negligible in the end-game.

Sometimes, personal preference wins out, so it's important to try out every gun in the game and see which ones you like the most. Use these tips, find your guns, and get ready to eat some chicken for dinner.

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