19 July 2017 - 20:08

These are the best places to drop and loot in PUBG

The plane is in the air, your parachute is ready. Where to next?
Screengrab via PUBG

The map of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is large, and it can be daunting at first. But knowledge, along with some sick guns and healing items, can be power.

In PUBG, along with other players and the environment, RNG (random number generator) is one of your biggest adversaries. All of the loot drops in the game are randomly generated. You could potentially walk into a building and find multiple guns, or absolutely nothing useful. But there are ways to maximize your chances.

Basically, the more amount of buildings concentrated in one area, the more likely you are to find the best loot. Nothing is guaranteed, though.

If you immediately head for a good loot area, you will most likely have enemies to fight right away. Another strategy is to drop at an isolated area and loot smaller buildings to stay safe in the early game and build up your arsenal as the game goes on. This will be a choice you need to make in every single game.

When you drop into an area with enemies around you, it becomes something of a crap shoot. Whoever gets lucky enough to find a weapon first will have the best chance of surviving the first engagement and avoiding having to take another plane trip right away.

Over time, you will find favorite spots to drop. The more you familiarize yourself with the map, you will figure out where the best places to go are and it becomes something of personal preference, but here's a basic idea of the areas to drop to find the most concentrated amounts of loot.

Image via Bluehole Inc, remix by Scott Duwe

The red circles highlight the most popular areas on the map due to their high volume of top tier loot, such as sniper rifles, the best assault rifles, and level three armor. The orange circles are less popular areas, but still see a good volume of landings as they also have the potential of good loot dropping due to their high percentage of buildings.

The hills and fields of the map are scattered with houses and neighborhoods that can also be looted if you want to play it safer, but you're less likely to find the best gear there. Vehicles will also spawn randomly, along the road and inside garages, and can be spotted from the sky. Sometimes the best play is to hop in a vehicle and drive to a different area far away from the plane's trajectory. Use your discretion.

Knowing the map is half the battle in PUBG. When the circle starts to close, will you have the loot needed to take on your enemies? Use this information to help better your chances at earning a hard-fought chicken dinner.

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