22 June 2017 - 18:22

PUBG is getting an assist statistic to prevent kill steals by squad teammates

No more arguing about who stole your kill in Squads.
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Image via Bluehole Studio

If you have a greedy teammate in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds who just loves stealing a kill off of an enemy that you've downed, you're in luck.

PUBG animation and gameplay lead "Smookie" announced a new change coming to the game on his developer livestream that will eliminate kill steals by teammates and give credit to both players.

In the past, if a teammate shot and finished off an enemy that you had downed, they would get the credit for the kill and you would get nothing. With this incoming update (no release window was given), if a player downs an enemy but a teammate finishes them off, the kill-stealer will be credited with an assist, with the kill credit going to the player who originally downed them.

If a player from a separate enemy team finishes off the downed enemy, though, they will get the credit for the kill. Thankfully, the player who downed them will still be credited with an assist.

With this change, everybody wins. Anybody who's enjoyed the four-man Squads playlist in Battlegrounds will have undoubtedly fallen victim to a scenario where a teammate finishes off your kill. That will no longer be a problem.

Smookie did not specify when this change would go live, but next week will see the release of the early access title's third monthly update.

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