8 May 2017 - 16:49

Speedrunners have already completed the new Prey in under an hour

Three days after release, the game has already been broken.
Image via Bethesda

The Prey reboot was released just three days ago, and speedrunners have already beaten it in under 45 minutes.

It seems Bethesda may have missed a few key bugs leading up to the game's release on May 5. In the current world record for the game, the speedrunner, DraQu, uses a mixture of clipping mechanics and frame-perfect grabs to skip large portions of the game by reaching areas players shouldn't have been able to reach in the game's early sections.

The most broken aspect of the game, however, comes from one of the starting weapons, the GLOO Cannon. This weapon allows players to create platforms on walls that speedrunners can use to jump to, climb, and access areas way beyond the main storyline.

Considering the GLOO Cannon is given to players in the intro stage and the weapon can create platforms on nearly every surface, including areas that exist outside the map, speedrunners were able to abuse the weapon in every possible scenario to benefit the run.

Speedrunners are now setting their sights on completing the game in under 40 minutes. As more glitches and clipping are found over the next few weeks, it’s only a matter of time until speedrunners scrape more seconds off the clock.

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