5 August 2017 - 15:08

A Pokémon speedrunning marathon is currently live

Multiple speedrunners are playing nearly every Pokémon game this weekend.
Image via Nintendo

The third annual Pokémon Speedruns Marathon is underway right now on Twitch.

The marathon’s main aim is to showcase all of the generations of Pokémon games, including their spin-off titles, such as the Mystery Dungeon and Poképark series. This year’s marathon ends with Pokémon HeartGold, which means fans won't get to see speedruns past Pokémon X and Y.

Popular Pokémon speedrunners, including werster, Keizaron, and Gunnermaniac3, are playing multiple games during this weekend-long event. They are three of the world's best Pokémon speedrunners who have held multiple world records in their careers and are sure to give viewers further insight on how they can challenge their accomplishments in the future.

The event provides a healthy mix of entertainment and information. Speedrunners take their time to explain each game, what they’re doing, and give tips to up-and-coming Pokémon speedrunners who might be interested in joining the community.

Unlike the popular Games Done Quick marathons, Pokémon Speedruns Marathon is mainly for fun and isn’t done with charity in mind—it exists to show off the best of the best, giving viewers a weekend full of Pokémon action to enjoy.

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