12 August 2017 - 18:13

The Pokémon Pearl world record has been beaten twice in 24 hours

It's a race for the title.
Image via Nintendo

The race for the world record in Pokémon Pearl's any percent speedrun is wide open, as two speedrunners are currently going back and forth for the title.

Pokémon speedrunning legend Werster, who has held multiple world records in several Pokémon games, first broke the record on Aug. 10 with a time of 58 minutes and 22 seconds. He was able to beat the long-standing six month world record set by Gymfreak739 by four minutes.

Twenty-four hours after Werster submitted his new world record, the speedrunner Crafted, who holds the current any percent glitchless world record, beat Wersters' time by eight seconds.

Both speedrunners made simple mistakes in their world record runs, however. This has created a race between the two speedrunners for the perfect world record and has the Pokémon speedrunning community excited to see what happens next.

A new route was discovered that revived the game in recent months. This route helps the speedrun avoid multiple Pokémon encounters, which saves speedrunners from buying items and wasting precious time.

The route helped the speedrun world record fall under the hour mark for the first time—something that was once thought to be impossible.

It just goes to show how committed the speedrun community is. No matter how old a game might be, speedrunners will continuously try to find new tricks to revive interest in their favorite games.

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