23 August 2017 - 20:27

Pokemon Go is preparing to crack down on GPS spoofers

Cheaters, beware.
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Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go developer Niantic is beginning to crack down people who use GPS spoofs to cheat at the game, according to PokémonGoHub.

A number of players have been reporting that the developer has started detecting, flagging, and issuing warnings to players who are using third party mocking techniques to play the game.

Image via PokemonGoHub

Basically, these "GPS spoofers" are able to make it seem like they are somewhere in the world that they are not. That enable them to capture and battle high level Pokémon whenever they appear. This is obviously not the game's intention and kind of takes away from the whole spirit of catching Pokémon while traveling around.

The message issued by Niantic to certain players asks for caution and warns that accounts may be lost and action could be taken if they continue to use spoofing software. There have been no confirmed bans just yet.

The whole idea behind Pokémon Go is in its name—get up and go, explore the world around you, and catch Pokémon out and about via GPS and augmented reality. People who are using cheats like this sort of take away from the whole spirit behind what the game is about in the first place. Plus, it's cheating.

Niantic appears to have developed some kind of new countermeasures to detect these cheats, and is ready to swing the banhammer if necessary.

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