24 August 2017 - 17:30

Pokémon Go's latest update temporarily shelved after lag issue

Battles and raids were left unplayable due to major lag issues.
Screengrab via Niantic/YouTube Fair Use

Here's some bad news for Pokémon Go fans eager for the latest patch: A game-breaking bug has caused Niantic to temporarily freeze version 0.71.0's release until developers can fix the problem.

A Niantic employee addressed the issue in posts on the subreddits the Silph Road and r/pokemongo Wednesday night. In his post, he pointed to a "latency issue affecting battling" in version 0.71.0, which in turn led the company to temporarily suspend the patch.

"We are currently investigating potential resolutions," the employee, going by NianticGeorge on Reddit, wrote. "Although this issue only affects a small subset of users, we are suspending the rollout of the release while we continue to work towards delivering a better experience."

ComicBook reports users that installed the update were experiencing stutter and lag issues during battles. Raids were left practically unplayable, as players were unable to dodge or time their attacks.

Not all Pokémon Go players were affected by version 0.71.0's problems, however. That's because Niantic incrementally rolls out updates to the game's playerbase to prevent a major bug from impacting the entire Pokémon Go community. In this case, Niantic caught the latency issue before every player received the update, allowing the team to temporarily stop rolling out the patch.

"When we release an update, we release it to a small percent of the userbase at first," NianticGeorge said on the Pokémon Go subreddit. "If something comes up (like it did in this release), we're able to pull the plug on the update before the entire userbase is affected."

There's no word yet from Niantic when version 0.71.0's will be reapplied. Before version 0.71.0 was suspended, dataminers found proof that Generation 3 is on its way to Pokémon Go in the near future, with all 135 Hoenn Pokémon species headed to the game. It remains unclear when the new species will be added to the game or if more data will be found when version 0.71.0 is reapplied.

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