2 September 2017 - 14:01

The latest Pokémon Go update lets you see the number of people queued up for raid battles

This could be a game changer.
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Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go's most recent update is about to make raiding a whole lot easier.

From now on, players can see how many people are currently lobbied for a raid battle before investing a raid pass.

This change will make it a lot easier for players to know if there are enough people waiting to take on the legendary Pokémon that litter the globe. Players can also see how many people are waiting to join a raid in the lobby, as well as how many people have spent their raid passes already and are waiting to fight.

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The new update also fixes a problem that players were having when trying to catch legendary Pokémon. Before the update, legendary Pokémon would escape 100 percent of the time when a player had only one Pokéball left to use—but now they won't.

Players can catch legendary Pokémon in a raid by beating it with a team of other trainers. Once players defeat the Pokémon, however, the fight isn’t over. Players get a small amount of Pokéballs in order to try to catch the legendary creature. If you fail, you will need to try to beat the Pokémon again in order to earn another chance to catch it.

Currently, only Lugia is available to capture in these legendary raids across the world. Three other legendary Pokémon, however, just became available in certain regions—Raikou is available in the Americas, Entei in Europe and Asia, and Suicune in Asia-Pacific.

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