28 September 2017 - 22:24

This week marks the final opportunity to capture Pokémon Go's legendary dogs

Make sure you get yours before the rotation.
Gaming writer

Pokémon Go fans looking to catch 'em all need to hustle if they're going to take home the Legendary dogs.

As it stands, the Pokémon will become unavailable in certain regions after tomorrow. Currently, only one of the Legendary dog Pokémon is available per region. For example, you can find the Fire-type Entei only in Europe and Africa, the Electric-type Raikou in North and South America, and the Water-type Suicune in the Asia-Pacific area.

When Sept. 30 rolls around, the Pokémon locations will be switching. So if you live in Africa and miss out on an Entei, you'll be seeing a different Legendary gracing your area soon enough. That means you may very well miss out on your opportunity to capture a certain Pokémon that you're fond of, so you'd better move fast. Once the rotation takes place on Sept. 30, the new round of Pokémon will be available to capture throughout Oct. 31.

To capture the Legendary dogs, you'll need to participate in Raid battles at Gyms, which will require you to first defeat the Pokémon you're after. Make sure you're sufficiently equipped to take on Pokémon you want to add to your arsenal before embarking on Raid battle runs.

If you happen to miss out on capturing any of the Legendaries, you still have the Equinox event to look forward to until Oct. 2. You can earn triple XP, additional eggs, and double Stardust for your trouble.

There's a lot going on in Pokémon Go recently, but make sure you take the time to interact with it all before the special events come to an end.

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