31 August 2017 - 14:11

Pokémon Go's newest legendaries release today: Raikou, Entei, and Suicune

They're releasing to only a few regions to start.

If you’re a Pokémon Go player and in need of new legendary monsters to catch then today’s your lucky day.

Ninatic has announced that the legendary roster of Pokémon is about to grow with more legendaries added to the world. Here’s the short of it:

  • Raikou, an Electric-type Legendary Pokémon, can be battled throughout the Americas.
  • Entei, a Fire-type Legendary Pokémon, can be battled throughout Europe and Africa.
  • Suicune, a Water-type Legendary Pokémon, can be battled throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

They are not going to be in those regions forever though. Trainers in those regions will have until Sept. 30 to capture those Pokémon before they start shifting continents and until Oct. 31 to battle with friends and capture them all. If you’re a Poké fan, it could become quite an expensive month.

That’s not all though as Niantic also changing how raids work:

“While these Legendary Pokémon are traveling the world, we’ll also begin an EX Raid Battle (formerly Exclusive Raid Battle) field-testing phase at select Gyms before the feature is made available globally...during the field test, we’ll be making periodic adjustments to EX Raid eligibility requirements, frequency, times, locations, and durations.”

Niantic are planning on sending out the first EX Raid Passes from Sept. 6.

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