21 September 2017 - 19:22

Some Pokémon Go EX Raids are getting canceled in Japan

EX Raids are still going through some kinks while they're being tested.
Screengrab via Niantic/YouTube Fair Use

Imagine receiving a Pokémon Go EX Raid invite, only to have it cancelled. Well, that's exactly what's happening to some Japanese players invited to certain raid locations.

Pokémon Go's Japanese Twitter account announced on Wednesday that some EX Raid tests were cancelled at specific gyms because it was difficult for players to arrive at the location in time. These raids were not just removed, but the EX Raid participants also had their invites deleted. Niantic also stressed that, in the future, the company has the right to revoke EX Raids should the need arise.

This doesn't necessarily mean that EX Raids are getting phased out, nor does it mean that Niantic will soon discontinue EX Raids. The entire EX Raid system is currently going through field testing. That means it may take some time for Niantic to figure out how to host these raids and which locations to choose.

So, while the company may have to cancel raids again in the near future, trainers shouldn't fear. Many Japanese gyms did not face issues hosting EX Raids. For the time being, Pokémon Go's developers are just figuring out how to properly introduce this new game mode into the real world.

"There are some parks, etc which close at 6pm," Japanese player u/PikaGaijin said, after reading through comments from Japanese Twitter users. "Rather than risk trespassing, they redacted the raid pass."

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