11 September 2017 - 18:49

Pokémon Go push notification allegedly asks player to go out amid Hurricane Irma

One user was told to go out during a hurricane warning.
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Screengrab via Niantic/YouTube Fair Use

Sometimes Pokémon Go can wait. During Hurricane Irma, an untimely push notification encouraged one player to go outside and search for Pokémon as Irma approached Florida.

Before the hurricane's official arrival at the Florida Keys, YouTuber Warshack allegedly received a push notification encouraging him to go outside during the weekend. Sometime later, he received an official hurricane warning for his area, suggesting that the game was attempting to put the player right into the storm's path.

"Different Pokémon may be appearing in parks around you," the notification read. "It's a great time to explore your local parks!"

While it's safe to say that Niantic's notification wasn't intentional, the incident still begs the question as to whether Pokémon Go should be programmed to recognize emergencies, natural disasters, and other mishaps to prevent young players from wandering off into situations where they shouldn't belong.

But most players found the situation somewhat humorous, pointing out that the game's suggestion is the last thing most players are thinking about during the storm.

Pokémon Go is still alive and well, with trainers hyped for the rumored upcoming Generation 3 release. Until then, dataminers are keeping a close eye on updates, figuring out what's coming next for the game.

H/T Fox News

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