5 September 2017 - 20:08

Pokémon Go fans allegedly found Gym Badges cap

Pokémon Go may be removing badges from players' collection.
Screengrab via Niantic/YouTube Fair Use

Be careful if you're stocking up on Gym Badges. Pokémon Go users have allegedly found a 1,000 badge cap on Gym Badges that will start deleting old badges as new ones are earned.

Questions first arose on Reddit's r/TheSilphRoad after one U.S. user reported a fellow trainer experienced a badge cap at 1000. According to trainer ajd121, one trainer allegedly lost his early badges whenever new ones were gained. The game was essentially deleting Gym Badges from the game's recent Gym Badges list to make room for the new ones.

Shortly after creating the post, ajd121 updated the original post with photos from trainer tsm_arrow's badges. Allegedly, that trainer lost early badges at Newark Broad Street and Happy Newark in Newark, N.J. after earning two additional badges.

Another trainer, thinkdad, posted their own thread proving that they lost their original Gym Badges while earning new ones on a trip. According to that user, every time badges were gained in Portland, the trainer lost badges from California. Thinkdad later reported that home Gym Badges were still preserved, but that user believes it's because the "recent" Gym Badges list pushes gyms back up the 1,000 badge list whenever they're visited.

In other words, visiting recurring spots will prevent the list from wiping original Gym Badges. But areas rarely visited, such as vacation destinations, are more likely to be wiped out as time goes on.

While Pokémon Go appears to have a 1,000 Gym Badge display cap, it remains unclear if points earned from Gym Badges are saved or not. But a Gym Badge cap presents plenty of problems for users. Visiting 1,000 areas is quite easy for long-time players, essentially meaning that many fans who have been playing for over a year may lose their early few badges. And as thinkdad points out, users in highly populated areas—like New York City, Shanghai, or Tokyo—have more to lose than rural and suburban players.

"For those saying 1,000 is not obtainable except for the 1% I doubt I play anywhere close to the top 10% of players out there but I loved collecting gym badges," thinkdad wrote on r/TheSilphRoad.

Fans are still discovering more about the Gym Badge cap and how it impacts players in the long-term. The 1000 Gym Badge cap may just be a programming preference, or players may lose their status at a gym if their badge is removed.

Niantic did not immediately respond to Dot Esports' request for comment.

H/T r/TheSilphRoad

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