29 July 2017 - 14:15

Pokémon Go's Safari Zone events in Europe have been postponed

July hasn't been the best month for Niantic.
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Image via Niantic

In the original Pokémon video games, the Safari Zone is an area where players can pay to catch many rare Pokémon that are only available in this unique region. Now, this concept is coming to Pokémon Go—at least, that's what the European community thought.

The Pokémon Go Safari Zone events that would have unlocked rare and region exclusive Pokémon in parts of Europe have been postponed until further notice.

These events were set to take place in Copenhagen and Pragues on Aug. 5, and Stockholm and Amsterdam on Aug. 12. All other events taking place throughout the remainder of the month will still go ahead as planned—for now.

Niantic has apologized for the inconvenience to players who were excited for these Safari Zone events, and the company is releasing rare Pokémon in certain European cities sometime in the future—but failed to give a concrete date.

The postponement of these events follows the failed Pokémon Go Fest that took place in Chicago, Illinois on July 22. The Safari Zone events were likely postponed so Niantic could boost its servers in order to prevent another failure mere weeks after the disappointing Chicago anniversary event.

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