20 September 2017 - 15:23

Niantic is hosting a new event for Pokemon Go

Celebrate the Equinox on your mobile device
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Image via Niantic/Pokemon Comapny

A new event is coming to Pokemon Go this Autumn that will give trainers a chance to earn more stardust and XP when catching Pokémon.

The event, a celebration of the fall equinox, will begin on Sept. 22 and finishes on Oct. 2 and gives trainers the opportunity to earn double the amount of Stardust when catching Pokémon or hatching eggs.

Stardust is used to help Pokemon evolve and power up Combat Power, making them stronger when facing those pesky legendary Pokémon in raids or taking on an opposing player's gym.

The event will also give players a chance to acquire a special 2km egg that has the opportunity to hatch one of many rare Pokemon in the game, including Chansey, Mareep, and Larvitar.

Niantic are also giving players the chance to get more XP when catching new Pokémon as an incentive for trainers to get out there and fill up that Pokedex before the end of September.

Registering a new Pokemon to your pokedex during this event will earn you triple the amount of XP then normal, so new players have that extra incentive to go out there and catch them all.

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