26 September 2017 - 18:34

Watch these Pokémon Go players initiate a double bounce catch with Poké Balls

Poké Balls can bounce, and some players are pulling off the trick shot rather well.
Screengrab via Ron Fox/YouTube Fair Use

The mysterious Poké Ball double bounce catch is real. Pokémon Go fans have recorded themselves initiating the catch, proving that players can bounce a Poké Ball off a Pokémon multiple times without losing their ball's effectiveness.

YouTuber Ron Fox bounced a Poké Ball off a Weedle twice before catching the Pokémon in the ball, according to a video on his YouTube channel. Fox also posted another video, demonstrating the Weedle breaking free and promptly fleeing.

There are two requirements needed to pull off a double bounce catch, according to Pokémon Go Hub. The Pokémon in question has to be finishing its attack animation without completing it yet. And the Poké Ball has to be thrown at a curve, otherwise it won't bounce.

Interestingly enough, the Poké Ball can bounce multiple times, too. A video from YMZ TV shows one Pokémon Go player bouncing their Poké Ball three times before a Pokémon goes into the Poké Ball (only to break free).

Keep in mind that throwing a double bounce catch won't necessarily increase a Poké Ball's chance of success. But the catch looks pretty impressive, and puts to rest many trainers' theories that Poké Balls can bounce off Pokémon. Whether this is a bug or an intended feature isn't clear, although it's pretty impressive to watch either way.

H/T Pokémon Go Hub

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