11 January 2018 - 14:17

Pokémon has launched an esports-centric channel called P-Sports

The show will focus on Pokémon battles between a bunch of celebrities and top players.
Image via Nintendo

A new Pokémon show dedicated to Pokémon Battles and the Pokémon competitive scene has been announced in Japan.

The program, called P-Sports will be livestreamed on AbemaTV, with the first episode taking place on Jan. 24 at 8pm JST. There will be a new episode released every other Saturday.

The show brings together four celebrity Pokémon Trainers that act as a pseudo-Elite Four for the program. If contenders manage to defeat all four celebrity trainers, they will earn the title of P-Sports Champion.

The elite four in the first episode is made up of entertainers, top Pokémon trainers who placed highly in Japan's Pokémon competitive scene, and famous Japanese Pokémon YouTube stars such as Hajime Shacho.

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