13 July 2016 - 21:45

Origen's plan in the wake of losing FORG1VEN? Give Toaster a shot at the starting lineup

After four weeks without a dedicated marksman, Origen has recruited rookie AD carry Augustas “Toaster” Ruplys to its starting lineup
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After four weeks without a dedicated marksman, Origen has recruited rookie AD carry Augustas “Toaster” Ruplys to its starting lineup.

The team signed famed marksman Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou ahead of the European League of Legends Championship Series’ summer season, but Origen lost him after only two weeks with the organization, as the Greek AD carry cited burnout and a new affinity for Blizzard’s FPS title Overwatch. As a result, Origen’s prized acquisition stepped down from the starting roster less than a month into the season.

Meanwhile, Toaster is a rookie to the LCS; a sharp contrast to the majority of the Origen’s who have all played in past LCS finals. Despite this, the organization claimed Toaster "inspires us enough confidence to play this role officially and we know he will work hard to fit in the team.”

In the wake of FORG1VEN’s sudden departure on June 7, team owner and former midlaner Enrique "xPeke" Cedeño Martínez filled the marksman role for the team to less than satisfactory results. Currently situated in ninth place on the EU LCS leaderboard, the two-time LCS finalists may be staring down a run in relegations.

While the team now features five full-time players, xPeke is remaining on the roster as a substitute in both the AD carry and midlane positions. Considered a legend from the European region, xPeke was a world champion during his time in Fnatic. Last year with Origen, the midlaner also reached the 2015 League of Legends World Championship semifinals.

Aside from the signing of Toaster, the organization also signed Benjamin “Zhergoth” Sánchez as a toplane substitute for Paul “sOAZ” Boyer. Having been part of Fnatic in the past, sOAZ is also a seasoned, albeit controversial, veteran of the game. While sOAZ tends to receive the brunt of the criticism levied at the team, Origen made it clear that “our official TOP is and will be Soaz.” 

Origen continues: “We trust him, we all know his ability, and he is the kind of player that even in the worst moments can win games on his own.”

Toaster will be playing his EU LCS debut with Origen against Schalke 04’ on Thursday at noon ET. 

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