11 August 2017 - 16:16

Nintendo has released an official Splatoon 2 speedrun video

The company continues to support the speedrunning community.
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Image via Nintendo

Ever wondered what the best way to beat a level of Splatoon 2 is? Nintendo has got you covered, the developer has released a fresh tutorial video showing players how to beat one of the toughest single-player levels.

This is the first time that Nintendo has created content around speedrunning on one of its YouTube channels—in this case, the Japanese channel. The video is actually hidden from the channel itself, so you have to search YouTube to find it. Nintendo originally had a series of videos, but the others seem to have been removed.

The video acts as a handy tutorial for players to learn tips, tricks, and skips throughout the level.

Splatoon 2 speedruns are insanely fast and technical, challenging the player to perform frame-perfect tricks throughout multiple levels in order to avoid obstacles and cycles within the game. One bad button press can be costly to the entire run, making the game insanely challenging.

The Splatoon 2 video isn't the first time Nintendo has paid interest to the speedrunning community, either. A Nintendo representative told Dot Esports that its developers are including certain mechanics into their games—such as Metroid: Samus Returns' ability to shoot enemies off screen if you knew where they were—to help speedrunners in the future.

There are currently a handful of speedrunners that are playing Splatoon 2, with the current world record held by "MoveFishGetOutTheWay," at one hour and 39 minutes. With the new video, Nintendo might be hoping that more speedrunners join in on the hectic fun.

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