12 September 2017 - 13:20

Nintendo increases inventory for SNES Classic and NES Classic

Nintendo changes its mind, will continue producing the hugely popular consoles.
Image via Nintendo

The NES Classic is coming back to stores.

There’s a product every few years that causes complete and utter Christmas chaos. When I was growing up it was a Buzz Lightyear doll. Last year, it was the NES Classic. Now, the gaming giant is going back on its original plans for the retro gaming console: There will no longer be a limited run.

Nintendo Japan announced the news that the NES Classic is going back into production earlier in a tweet. “Nintendo has decided to restart production of the [NES Classic] in 2018," the tweet read. "We will announce sale dates at a later time."

According to Business Wire, sales of the NES Classic will restart Summer 2018 so there’s enough time to save up for the console. Plus, you’ve still got Breath of the Wild to finish.

In addition , more units of the Super NES Classic Edition will ship on its Sept. 29 launch day. This is a move that will help put off scalpers who have recently been placing SNES Classic pre-orders on eBay.


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