14 September 2017 - 20:23

Nintendo shocks the world with shirtless Mario

You've never seen Mario quite like this before.
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Nintendo has sated its legions of fans who’ve wondered for years what a shirtless Mario might look like.

In the latest edition of Nintendo Direct, the famed game developer’s regular series of videos promoting its upcoming products, Mario’s glistening bod so overshadowed the remainder of the proceedings that Nintendo may well need to repeat every announcement that did not include a shirtless Mario.

Looking like the next Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model, Mario can be seen tromping down a sunny beach wearing only his requisite hat red and white polka dot swim trunks. The hat seems in danger of blowing away in the face of Mario’s powerful stride, threatening to make the image even more risqué (and Mario has been known to lose his hat on occasion).

For the record, there is an actual reason for Mario going shirtless. Upcoming Nintendo Switch title Super Mario Odyssey will see the titular hero exploring all sorts of new worlds, and two of these spaces were explored during this latest Nintendo Direct episode.

The world featured in the sun-bathing screenshot is Bubblaine, a tropical paradise defined in the video as a “Seaside Kingdom.” Bubblaine certainly seems to fit that brief description, with plenty of water for Mario to swim through and ski over.

Not wanting to miss out on the chance to take in some rays, this is where Mario loses his shirt and the internet loses its collective mind as, yes, Nintendo made a point of rendering Mario’s nipples.

The display does demonstrate something of a double standard from Nintendo, as a user on Twitter pointed out:

While Super Mario Odyssey may have a higher nipple quotient than the Fire Emblem series as a whole, here’s hoping Mario keeps himself properly covered when exploring the other newly revealed Odyssey world, the freezing Shiveria. We wouldn’t want the little icon to catch a cold.

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