12 September 2017 - 16:14

New Nintendo Direct coming Sept. 13

That's right—it's happening tomorrow!
Image via Nintendo

There’s another Nintendo Direct on the way—and it’s coming this week.

Nintendo Direct’s are always a cause of intrigue. Previous showcases have been loaded with surprises and served as hype drivers for the next few months of Nintendo games. The only exception to this rule was Pokémon Direct from earlier in the year where there was rampant speculation about Pokémon battle thanks to rumors on NeoGaf and Reddit, only for Nintendo to instead introduce a pokken game.

Late yesterday, Nintendo America announced that on Sept. 13, there will be a new Nintendo Direct. 

Wednesday’s Direct will focus on Super Mario Odyssey, a game that has already garnered significant hype from recent hands-on events at E3 and Gamescom. There’s also the chance we get to see new Switch and 3DS games to flesh out the Holiday calendar.

Nintendo Direct starts at 3pm PT. 

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