27 January 2018 - 17:28

More server downtime is expected today while Fortnite: Battle Royale gets patched again

Problems persist for one of the biggest games available right now.
Image via Epic Games

Those looking to enjoy some victory royales on Saturday may be out of luck, as Epic Games expects more server downtime for Fortnite: Battle Royale today.

The announcement came after confirmation that the party service in Fortnite was down again, following similar issues on Friday. With Solo and Fill being the only options for players to experience the game, everyone is now waiting for the servers to go down again to fix the problem.

A number of glitches have popped up since the 2.3 update on Thursday that had the servers down for about 14 hours, including issues with building and players getting stuck while aiming their weapons. The problem with parties only exacerbated things on Friday, and the issues have continued into the weekend.

"Fortnite has had another big bump in player count this week and we were not prepared for it," Epic Games said on Reddit. "We have had a ton of issues and we are working hard to getting them sorted. We can't apologize to our players enough, and you can be sure that we are going to make this right. We can only ask you for your patience. We will likely be taking Fortnite offline for a while so we can work through this. We'll let you know when that will happen."

The last few days have been bumpy for Epic Games and Fortnite, but the team has continuously kept in contact via updates on Twitter and they seem determined to squash the issues as soon as possible.

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