1 September 2016 - 23:16

MLG to Host Destiny Exhibition Featuring New Game Mode, Competitive Players

A week before the new expansion, "Rise of Iron" releases, MLG will showcase the Crucible with help from Bungie and the game's competitive community.

After Bungie announced that private matches were finally coming to Destiny with its newest expansion, Rise of Iron on Sept. 20, the wheels of competition began to turn. It's apparent that the game has esports potential and Major League Gaming seems to agree.

Today, Bungie announced on their weekly blog update that there will be a live-streamed exhibition of the game's new PvP mode, "Supremacy" featuring some of the top names in Destiny's Twitch directory as well as its burgeoning competitive community. The event will be hosted by MLG's Chris Puckett and Ben "Benson" Bowe, Destiny community member Michael "MTashed" Tash and Bungie Crucible developers Lars Bakken and Derek Carroll

The 6v6 game mode is different than most of what the competitive community is used to, as most "sweaties" are played in 3v3 format. But the "Supremacy" game mode is new, and with private matches, any number of team variations can be used from one player up to six. 

Here's a look at the teams competing:

Alpha Team


Bravo Team

Lil Sonic
These names will be readily known and recognized by Destiny players, and hopefully more esports fans in the near future. The event will be streamed on both Twitch.tv/MLG and MLG.tv/Destiny on Sept. 13 at 10am pacific/1pm eastern.

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