29 August 2017 - 14:14

Nintendo is shutting down the Miiverse


It’s official. Nintendo will close the Miiverse on Nov. 8 and there’s not a lot you can do about it.

The Miiverse, a social network that linked all WiiU players, launched with the WiiU in December 2012. Since its creation, it has been home to incredible hand drawn posts that pop up in game with some even being considered art. I remember playing Super Mario Bros. U and being in awe of the drawings that the Miiverse universe conjured up—but also thankful for those gamers who used them to share tips. I would never have found certain stars without them. The games are going to look rather bare as the screenshot below shows:

The images are not the only functionality to go. Commenting on games such as Mario Maker will also be a victim of the closure. It’s interesting to note how little Nintendo seems to care about the WiiU now that the Switch is selling so well, even without a social networking communication tool like the Miiverse. So what’s Nintendo going to do next? Will they be creating an alternative for the Switch?

According to Reddit users, that seems highly unlikely as Nintendo is going to the same path as Sony and using already established networks—if functionality in Splatoon 2 is anything to go by. Reddit user Mepsi outlines the process: “You go to the creation area in which you can freely draw it.” but “to actually activate it so it can be seen by others in the lobby it needs to be shared on Twitter/[Facebook]."

Miiverse was a magical place and like the WiiU itself, it was forgotten about and left to just its inhabitants—a reminder for Nintendo that great ideas don’t always turn out for the best. A similar fate occurred for Playstation Home, the once innovative social hub for PS3.

These communities exist because they are more than just a comment-sharing platform. In some instances, love can be found.

For a full list of the games affected, and how to download your posts before the shutdown on Nov. 8, head on over to Nintendo’s official site.

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