24 August 2017 - 18:47

Metroid: Samus Returns trailer shows off Samus' new combat abilities

Samus can slow down time and parry melee attacks in the upcoming game.
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Screengrab via Nintendo/YouTube Fair Use

Samus Aran is back, and her arsenal is more powerful as ever. A new trailer for Metroid: Samus Returns gives fans a close look at Samus' abilities in the new game.

Clocking in at nearly five minutes, Nintendo's gameplay trailer goes over some of the power-ups and power suit upgrades that players can pick up in the game. One of the most impressive combat abilities, Samus' melee counter, is a new ability that lets Samus disarm attacking enemies by parrying attacks. This let Samus land a hit on vulnerable opponents with the right timing.

The gameplay overview also shows off Samus' four Aeion abilities. These include the Scan Pulse, which exposes hidden paths on the game's map, and the Lightning Armor upgrade that generates a protective force field around Samus' body. There's also the Beam Burst, which gives Samus a devastating rapid fire cannon attack, and the Phase Drift, which lets Samus slow time to attack her enemies. All four of these upgrades pull from the same Aeion energy pool, which can deplete quickly, forcing players to use these abilities sparingly at crucial moments.

The trailer also shows off Amiibo figures that players can use for in-game bonuses. The Samus Aeion Amiibo gives players an extra Aeion reserve tank during play. This Amiibo also lets players explore an art gallery for Metroid 2: Return of Samus after completing the game. Meanwhile, the Metroid Amiibo figure searches for nearby Metroids when used, and can be used to unlock a challenging difficulty level called Fusion mode after beating the game.

Two older Amiibos also work with Metroid: Samus Returns. The Super Smash Bros. Samus Amiibo figure gives Samus an additional missile reserve tank, and the Zero Suit Samus Amiibo adds an energy reserve tank in-game. Tapping the two figures after beating the game unlocks another art gallery as well as a bonus sound test.

Metroid: Samus Returns is a 2.5D remake of Metroid 2 for Game Boy. The upcoming 3DS title features 3D cutscenes with a modern take on Metroid's classic 2D gameplay. Metroid: Samus Returns is also one of the first Metroid releases in the main series in many years, since Metroid: Other M on the Nintendo Wii in 2010. Metroid: Samus Returns launches for the Nintendo 3DS on Sept. 15.

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