8 October 2017 - 15:05

New Mario Odyssey footage was showcased at the 2017 Nintendo World Championships

The finalists had to bring their best in never-before-seen gameplay.
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Image via Nintendo

Nintendo just gave the world a glimpse of new Super Mario Odyssey footage—and it was amazing.

As part of the 2017 Nintendo World Championships, Nintendo challenged players to a series of mysterious Nintendo games each round, testing players' wits and knowledge for a chance at being crowned the champion.

This all congregated in the finals where the last two players, John Numbers and Thomas G., sat patiently, waiting to see what game they would be playing. To everyone's surprise, Super Mario Odyssey was the final game, giving fans some great footage of a world and boss nobody had seen before.

With no knowledge of what they were getting into, the two finalists had to rely on their wits and prior-game knowledge to navigate the level and beat the final boss. The winner, Thomas G, beat 2015's champion John Numbers to lift the crown in the end.

Super Mario Odyssey releases worldwide on Nintendo Switch on Oct. 27.

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