20 July 2017 - 15:29

Legendary Pokémon are coming to Pokémon GO

The world's wait is finally over.
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The much-anticipated legendary pokémon are finally set to make their debut in Pokémon GO.

The arrival of these most sought-after pokémon will coincide with the mobile game’s one-year anniversary event. The occasion is to be highlighted by Pokémon GO Fest, a live event being held at Chicago’s Grant Park on July 22.

At the event, players will be challenged to defeat a set number of pokémon within specific time frames. If they are successful, these lucky trainers will then have the opportunity to challenge the world’s first legendary pokémon.

The hopes and dreams of Pokémon GO players across the globe will rest on their shoulders, as the spread of legendary pokémon worldwide is contingent upon Pokémon GO Fest attendees managing to both conjure up and defeat their legendary opponent. It seems unlikely that developer Niantic would leave the world’s pokémon trainers hanging if attendees failed, but it might at least delay the legendaries’ arrival elsewhere.

The company hasn’t yet revealed exactly which legendary pokémon will be made available. Fan-favorite Mewtwo is among those that have been hinted at.

What is known is that, should players in Chicago succeed, legendary eggs will begin spreading across gyms throughout the world. When a player finds and defeats one of these legendary pokémon, they’ll have the opportunity to catch it. Bear in mind that if caught, legendary pokémon are particularly clingy. These powerful pokémon must remain with their trainers at all times, which means you can’t leave a legendary to defend your local gym.

Beyond having the opportunity to introduce legendary pokémon to the world, festival attendees will also be eligible to win exclusive in-game rewards, including eggs and a special medal. What more could a Pokémon GO player ask for?

Those not so lucky as to attend the event live can still watch it play out this weekend when it’s broadcast on Twitch.

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