31 March 2017 - 19:02

It looks like Overwatch's Genji is Heroes of the Storm's next character

An accidental email might have just revealed a bit too much—including a new Overwatch-themed Battleground.
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Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Everyone's favorite cyborg ninja Genji has a big day coming up. Blizzard Entertainment looks set to inject more Overwatch into its MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, as part of its big 2.0 overhaul.

Reddit user tmurch17 received an email that seems to spill the beans on Genji's release, as well as an Overwatch-themed Battleground, after clicking the "Play Now" button on the HOTS 2.0 web page.

Image via tmurch17 on Reddit

The button now downloads the game directly, as it appears someone at Blizzard caught on to the snafu and fixed the issue, but not before the email was sent out.

Heroes of the Storm already has three Overwatch heroes in Tracer, Zarya, and Lucio, so it makes sense that more will be added over time. This is the first mention of an Overwatch-related map for the game.

This isn't the first time Genji and HOTS have crossed paths, as his Oni skin was a reward for completing the game's first Nexus Challenge this past winter. In the promotional event, players were rewarded in various ways for playing HOTS with their friends.

A new Nexus Challenge is also being unveiled on April 25 to coincide with the 2.0 update, but it is yet to be seen if the challenge will again feature another Overwatch crossover.

The new hero and Battleground are both set to be officially revealed on April 17.

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