1 September 2017 - 13:08

Impromptu Games Done Quick event for Harvey relief comes together in record time

Undertale and Super Metroid will highlight the lineup of runs.
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Image via Nintendo

In just under 48 hours, GamesDoneQuick has pulled together an event to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

This Friday, GDQ will be raising money for the Houston food bank in an effort to help those that have lost their homes.

Since landing on Aug. 25, Hurricane Harvey has caused untold damage, and at least 39 people have died. Tens of thousands of people have been displaced. Since the disaster struck fundraising efforts have swung into action, with Houston Texans star J.J. Watt raising nearly $14 million to help those affected.

Some big games in the speedrunning community will be played over the weekend including Undertale, Super Metroid, and Portal. The event will also feature a trio of Legend of Zelda games: the original game, Link to the Past, and the newest title Breath of the Wild.

There will also be donation incentives planned for the event which viewers can vote for by donating money to the cause. These will include the classic save or kill the animals incentive that has become a popular feature of many GDQ events.

Fangamer and TheYetee are also selling merchandise for the event which includes items such as T-shirts, pin badges, and special collectables. A portion of everything sold will go towards the relief effort.

The event gets underway today at 7pm CT, running through to Sunday night at the same time on GamesDoneQuick's official Twitch channel.

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