27 July 2017 - 13:13

A Gwent tournament is coming to gamescom

It's one of the first major tournaments for the new online card game.
Image via CD Projekt RED

Gwent, the card game from the Witcher franchise that has now become its own game, has been in the open beta stage since May. Since then, there have been several new cards, features, and improvements as the online card game has become more and more polished.

Now, at gamescom this August, CD Projekt RED will host one of the game's first major tournaments. $25,000 will be on the line at the event.

The tournament's signups are officially open. From those applicants, the top seven players will be selected to compete in the tourney. On August 1, the ranking of every applicant will be checked to determine the seven competitors. The eighth and final applicant will need to win the Wild Card Qualifiers event which will be held the day before the tournament. For full details on the Wild Card event, check out the signup page.

The news has been welcomed by the most prominent Gwent player so far, Adrian "Lifecoach" Koy. Lifecoach, previously a prolific Hearthstone pro and poker player, made the switch to Gwent earlier this year and now represents Evil Geniuses in the game.

Another name likely to feature is Jan "SuperJJ" Janssen, a close friend and practice partner of Lifecoach who also made the transition from Hearthstone.

The event will be held at the official Gwent booth, where new game content will also be shared all throughout gamescom.

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