4 September 2017 - 12:56

Gearbox CEO hints at Borderlands 3 being in development

It the vaguest possible way, this is great news for fans.

Fans might not have explicit confirmation—but it seems like Borderlands 3 is on its way.

The news game from a Gearbox panel at PAX West with company CEO and founder Randy Pitchford.

A lot of the pre-panel chat on Twitter was that maybe, just maybe, there would be news on a new Borderlands game. Sadly for a lot of fans, that news did not come in the official form that they would have wanted—a trailer, or a concrete announcement.

Instead, Pitchford did drop a huge hint to indicate that the company were working on it. Pitchford stated that 90% of Gearbox is working on “the thing you want us to be working on." The answer might have been as vague as humanly possible, but he has a reason for it. He went on to state that “a thing does not exist until it’s announced," which is as close to a videogame equivalent of Schrodinger's Cat as we’re going to get.

There’s no timescale for when we are going to hear about that game—but if I was a betting man, The Video Game Awards at the end of the year would be perfect for a premiere.

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