9 August 2016 - 15:29

GAMURS Proudly Presents Esports Live

An introduction to the newest feature on GAMURS, Esports Live.
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GAMURS has been working on a new interactive feature for our users that will enable them to be on top of matches even if they cannot watch every single one.

We are proud to announce the release of a brand new feature on our website, Esports Live. We want to revolutionize the esports viewing experience by bringing users one step closer to the action with real-time, play-by-play updates. Esports Live will allow viewers to follow events and matches and keep updated even when not watching.

“We are huge esports fans at GAMURS and we’ve built the foundation of the company with the community in mind,” said Riad Chikhani, Founder and CEO at GAMURS, in the press release. “Esports Live is an embodiment of what we want to see in esports - complete accessibility around the world. At GAMURS, we will continue to push the limits of esports consumption and interactivity.”

Esports Live consists of three on-site features. Users will be able to view a calendar of upcoming matches, comment and interact with others and see tournament breakdowns.

In the Calendar section, users can view upcoming matches, as well as the scores of ongoing games or results from previous matches or days. You can choose to either display all covered matches with their start time and basic information, or select those that you are interested in with the easy-to-use filter system.

Viewers can be immersed in esports action without watching the stream, courtesy of play-by-play updates, all the while chatting with other 'GAMURS' following the Live Commentary section. Chat, comment and cheer with other esports lovers as you follow every important move in a match - from rounds won to moments of magic from your favorite players. The Live Commentary section will allow you to react with a crowd of others.

Last, but not least, the Tournament section, which dissects each tournament of the six games we cover. It will provide information such as the prize pool and tournament organizers, along with the schedule, brackets and results for all matches to be played in that tournament.

Esports Live is a useful tool for those who love esports, but cannot watch every match. It is there to bring you all of the important information, right at your fingertips. 

We really care about our community at GAMURS and we appreciate any and all feedback. If you have any suggestions for our platform don’t hesitate to reach out through social media or through our email, contact@gamurs.com. 

Are you excited for the release of GAMURS Esports Live? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @GAMURScom

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