19 March 2018 - 18:48

Every Fortnite Battle Royale skin ever released

There's a ton of ways to express yourself in the free-to-play game.
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Fortnite Battle Royale is the biggest game on the planet right now.

A major factor in the game's insane popularity is the fact that it's free to play. Anyone can download i—to their computer, console, or even phone now—and jump in.

But developer Epic Games still has to make its money, and it does so with a huge amount of cosmetic items. Gliders, emotes, icons, loading screens—just about everything about your character is customizable. They don't give any in-game advantage, but they do look real cool.

Character skins are the most popular cosmetics in the game, and have the widest variety available. While games with a real-world setting have to stick within certain parameters, Fortnite can get as crazy as it wants thanks to the cartoon art style. From John Wick-inspired assassins to human-sized gingerbread men, Fortnite can do just about anything.

Most of the skins are available through the in-game store and bought with the in-game currency V-bucks. Six items are rotated every day, with two featured items every week—those tend to be legendary or event skins. There are 42 skins that rotate in and out regularly without being tied to particular events. Others have launched with holidays like Halloween, Valentine's Day, and St Patrick's Day, or for other events like the Winter Olympics.

There are some skins that can't be bought in the shop. Each season has a group of skins available through the Battle Pass as you level it up. The current top skin is the The Reaper, obtained by reaching level 100 in season three.

Other than that, some skins are connected to out of game events. Playstation Plus and Twitch Prime members can get some free loot just for linking their accounts.

Check out every skin ever released—87 in total—in the gallery above.

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