6 September 2017 - 18:41

FIFA 18's Journey mode is loaded with star cameos

Ronaldo, Thomas Müller, Antoine Griezmann, and Thierry Henry all make cameos.
Screengrab via EA

FIFA’s The Journey ups the star power in latest FIFA 18 trailer.

The journey from grassroots footballer to Premier League sensation was a thrilling ride for players in last year's FIFA installment.

This year, EA is upping the ante with more cameos than ever before as they help Alex Hunter on his path to football stardom. The stars include players such as James Harden (NBA Live’s cover star), Cristiano Ronaldo, Thomas Müller, Antoine Griezmann, Gyasi Zardes, Thierry Henry, and Rio Ferdinand.

It’s not going to be easy for Alex Hunter if the trailer is anything to go by. His elation at his England squad call-up has been put out to pasture through the Photoshop work; a modern menace in the social media age.

Watch the trailer now to get a better look at where you’ll be playing when The Journey returns this fall.

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