7 September 2017 - 14:16

Farming Simulator is coming to Nintendo Switch this November

Plough them fields on the move
Image via Giants Software

Farming Simulator is coming to Nintendo Switch this November.

Angela Merkel’s favorite game is ploughing its way onto Nintendo Switch in a move that’s going to do wonders for the farming simulation genre.

Giants Software's game does something that not a lot of games do: cross a number of audience demographics, a fact that Martin Rabl, Giants Software’s PR manager noted during the reveal trailer:

“Farming simulator is a relaxing and deep experience that is played by a very wide audience; kids, families, casual gamers, farmers and hardcore gamers.”

Farming Simulator games are both deep and casual. There are simple tasks, like harvesting crops or driving your truck to a store to pick up supplies. Then there are in-depth features that will catch out even the seasoned farmers, including crop management and animal husbandry (the science of breeding and caring for farm animals). It’s even been proven that games like Farming Simulator can help you relax.

Farming Simulator 17 is released on Nintendo Switch this November. We’ll see you in the fields.

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