29 July 2017 - 19:15

ESA brought together 70 different people to speedrun Super Mario 64

This was a relay race for the ages.
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Image via Nintendo

One of the most entertaining speedruns in history just happened at the European Speedrunner Assembly.

The ESA is a speedrunning community marathon that brings together some of the best European speedrunners and fans to play some games and raise some money for charity. It's basically Europe's Games Done Quick equivalent.

ESA is known for bringing together all aspects of the community, allowing people with little-to-no experience in speedrunning to just enjoy themselves. This year, ESA probably had the best advertisement possible for their community event by hosting a Super Mario 64 relay speedrun.

The speedrun tasked 70 different people with collecting a single star each within two hours. The players were a mix-match of speedrunners with differing levels of experience, and even some that had never speedrun a game in their lives.

Those that hadn't speedrun the game or any game previously were given the easier stars to get during the relay run. Even if a speedrunner with some experience was struggling on a star, they always had Fuzzyness and 360Chrism, two high-profile speedrunners, to help them through it and advise them on the best thing to do in a difficult situation.

The 70 speedrunners barely missed completing Super Mario 64 in under two hours. For such a popular speedrunning game, it was nice to see a fresh take of Super Mario 64 that really showcased the best parts of the speedrun community.

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