6 February 2017 - 20:40

Dress like a champion with KontrolFreek's Performance Gaming Wear

KontrolFreek has come out with a line of apparel built for gamers.
League of Legends esports analyst
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KontrolFreek is staking its claim in the gaming apparel industry with Performance Gaming Wear, a line featuring a hoodie and a pair of shorts specifically designed for gamers to wear while gaming.

Athletes need gear and apparel just for them, and KontrolFreek thinks that it can bring that type of gear into gaming and esports. KontrolFreek representatives talked to professional esports players for months, debating and throwing ideas back and forth to figure out just what gamers need in their apparel. Performance Gaming Wear is the culmination of that work.


Icon Shorts

  • Strategic Cut for Sitting: This is one of the features that prompted Ulysses "Aqua" Silva, professional Call of Duty player for the MLG Vegas champion squad of Rise Nation, to say “It feels like I have no pants on.” Trust me, he means that in a good way. This feature is exactly what it sounds like: the shorts are designed in a manner that is very comfortable for sitting.
  • Extra Deep Pockets: This is more for the competing crowd than the average gamer, but it sure is helpful. If you ever find it hard to keep up with your controller or anything else, worry no more. A lot of your stuff will now fit in your pockets. Bring a backpack of course, but these pockets are an effective way to carry things around.

Icon Jacket

  • Oversized hood: Think back to your last event, or even just the last time you casually played. You’re trying to focus on the game, but everything happening around you in the real world is pretty distracting, so you put on your headphones and throw on your hood. You’re immediately uncomfortable because the two just don’t fit together. With the over-sized hood, gamers can wear a hood, block out the distractions in their peripheral vision and wear their headphones.
  • Motion-Pleated Elbows: If you ever game while wearing long-sleeves, you know how restricting it can feel for your movement. You either have to be cold, or be uncomfortable and a bit slower on the draw. With the motion-pleated elbows, that’s no longer a problem. The non-restrictive material grants you a full range of motion.


  • Ultralight Performance Fabric: This one’s pretty self-explanatory. The fabric used is light, to keep you cool even in the heat of battle. It’s so light, that this is the other feature that inspired Aqua’s quote.
  • DRYV® Technology: Out of everything on this list, this feature may just be the best one. Gamers’ hands sweat. It’s a given. It will happen. Sure, you can wipe your hands on our regular shirt or shorts, but that usually doesn’t do the job. There are moisture wicking fabric panels in the pockets of both the hoodie and the jacket, which keep your hands dry and game-ready.

This clothing line is perfect for gaming. Working with seasoned veterans on this idea was a great move by KontrolFreek, and it paid off. The clothes are stylish enough, comfortable, and all of the features are extremely helpful. It really does seem like they thought of everything when creating next-level gaming apparel.

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