29 September 2017 - 14:09

Destiny 2's Xur is on Io this weekend with a great exotic submachine gun

This SMG is fantastic for dealing Arc damage.
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Image via Bungie

Xur has returned in Destiny 2, and this weekend he has taken root on Io for the first time.

Just like always, he has arrived with one Exotic weapon, and one Exotic armor piece for each class in the game. Here's where Xur is and what he's selling in Destiny 2 this weekend.

Where is Xur?

Image via Bungie

For Xur's first appearance on Io, he is located in the Giant's Scar section. Fast travel to that area and hop on your sparrow and follow the marker until you find him in a small cave on the left side.

This week's Exotic weapon is Riskrunner, an Arc damage-dealing submachine gun. This weapon will get a boost whenever you take incoming Arc damage, giving you a five second buff that lets you fire at will without reloading. If used correctly, you could hold down the trigger for extended periods of time and chain its damage to multiple enemies while you take incoming Arc burn. It's especially useful in activities like the weekly Nightfall when dealing with Fallen enemies. It's being sold for 29 Legendary shards.

Image via Bungie

This week's Warlock armor is Transversive Steps. These shiny boots increase movement speed while sprinting and also reloads your energy weapons while sprinting. They are being sold for 23 Legendary shards.

The Titan armor this week is Hallowfire Heart, made for the Sunbreaker subclass. This chest piece greatly improves your Solar abilities while Hammer of Sol is charged, plus its extra perk also recharges your Solar melee ability faster. It costs 23 Legendary shards.

Lastly, the Hunter gets Mechaneer's Tricksleeves. These gauntlets increase sidearm ready and reload speed, and they also cost 23 Legendary shards.

The Riskrunner is a must-have if you don't have it already, and Hallowfire Heart is great for those who enjoy playing as a Sunbreaker. The other two armors aren't a huge necessity, so pass on them if you're low on shards this week. If not, keep the collection growing.

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