7 September 2017 - 20:06

Destiny 2 Warlock guide: Subclasses, skill trees, and more

Become a master of space magic.
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As masters of space magic, Warlocks are the scholars of Destiny, but they are more than formidable on the battlefield.

In Destiny 2, the Warlock's class ability is called Rift. Warlocks can place down a pool of light at their feet, and it will either continually heal those inside of it or increase weapon damage.

This class ability will be extremely useful in both PvE and PvP, as healing will help in both, and the damage buff will be indispensable when it comes to fighting boss enemies in PvE content.

Solar subclass: Dawnblade

Dawnblade is one of the new subclasses in Destiny 2, and it's very fun to use. It is also the only subclass you earn by default.

The super ability, Daybreak, turns Warlocks into a flamesword-wielding phoenix that rains fire from the skies. The aiming of the projectiles of the roaming super takes some getting used to, but it can be deadly in the right hands.

As with each subclass in the game, Dawnblade has two separate skill trees that change the passive abilities. Attunement of Sky turns Dawnblade into an aerial fireball, as double-tapping the crouch button will trigger Icarus Dash, which is a midair dodge move. Warlocks are also able to float in midair when aiming while jumping thanks to the Winged Sun ability.

Attunement of Flame trades in aerial abilities for a more super-focused approach. With this attunement, Daybreak projectiles will seek targets, and killing an enemy with Daybreak will extend its duration. Phoenix Dive replaces Icarus Dash's midair dodge with a dive attack that will immediately bring the Warlock down to the ground when the crouch button is held while in air.

Void subclass: Voidwalker

The Warlock's Void class returns from the original Destiny, but it has received numerous tweaks and changes.

The Nova Bomb super is very different, depending on which skill tree you choose. Attunement of Chaos slows the projectile down a lot, but it tracks and seeks out enemies. When it detonates, it breaks up into smaller seeker projectiles, and the Nova Bomb can be detonated early by firing a weapon at it.

Attunement of Chaos also allows Void ability kills to cause enemies to explode, and striking an enemy with the melee ability will drain their life and recharge the class's grenade ability. You can also hold down the grenade button to draw power from your super charge to overcharge your grenade, making it deadlier and more effective. Combining these passive traits with Voidwalker's strong grenades makes this a solid choice

Attunement of Hunger takes the focus off of grenades and puts it on health. Killing an enemy with the Voidwalker's melee ability will fully regenerate health, and kills after that will restore additional health for a short time. Holding down the grenade button will use up a grenade charge to regenerate health as well. Hunger is all about health, and this skilltree will keep Warlocks alive and in the action.

For Nova Bomb, Attunement of Hunger makes the super more of a faster projectile that leaves a vortex in its wake, damaging enemies inside of it. This is a good tool for holding down objective points, and is a better option overall for Nova Bomb, as the other slow-moving option is way easier to avoid.

Arc subclass: Stormcaller

Stormcaller is back from the first Destiny, and it's the final subclass you find as a Warlock.

"Harmony within, hurricane without" is how Stormcaller is described. And be a hurricane you will, with its Super ability, Stormtrance. Triggering this Super sends electricity coursing through your Warlock, allowing them to travel around and shoot lightning out of their hands, decimating anything in its close to medium range.

Attunement of Conduction is all about chaining your lightning abilities together, as your melee attack will hit at an extended range and chain its lightning to nearby foes. Enemies damaged by your grenades will also chain lightning to other enemies. Plus, when you cast Stormtrance with full grenade and melee energy, you can restore your health and the Super will last longer thanks to the Transcendence ability. The tree is rounded out by Ionic Blink, which allows you to teleport during Stormtrance, making it great to avoid fire in PvP.

Attunement of the Elements is the other tree for Stormcaller, and its abilities are unique. With this tree, your melee ability will help recharge your Super, grenade, and melee energy all at once. When you cast your Super, Landfall is applied, which fires a bolt of lightning into the ground when you trigger it, dealing damage in an area around you. But what makes this tree truly special are its other two abilities, which focus on your Rift. Your Rift will charge faster when allies are near, and you and any ally that stands in your Rift will be granted an Arc Soul, which is a tiny Arc bubble that will follow you around and shoot at enemies. Pretty cool, huh?

All three of these classes have their uses, and Warlocks will always be handy in Destiny 2 thanks to their Rift ability. Space magic is in the palm of your hands now, Guardian.

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