15 September 2017 - 17:58

The first Trials of the Nine is now live in Destiny 2

The PvP end-game is here.
Image via Bungie

Rejoice, Crucible players. Trials of the Nine is now live in Destiny 2 for the very first time.

In Destiny 1, Trials of Osiris was the game's end-game PvP mode, and it rewarded players for going undefeated in nine matches with access to an exclusive location with exclusive loot.

In order to access Trials, players need to complete the Destiny 2 campaign, Lord Shaxx's Call to Arms Milestone at least once, and be at least 260 Power. If all three of these prerequisites are met, you can play.

This time, things are a bit different. There is no longer a level advantage for equipping the best gear. This means that lower Power Guardians will be able to complete with those close to max level.

Players no longer need to purchase a ticket to compete in Trials, either. It is easily accessible from the Crucible menu of the director. You now only need to win seven games undefeated to go flawless.

One of the biggest changes, however, is that your loadout is locked once the game starts. That means you cannot switch any weapons or any part of your subclasses or skill trees. You'll need to plan ahead.

In its first week, Trials of the Nine takes place on a new map called Eternity, on the game mode Countdown. It's unclear what prizes await those who can go flawless this time around, but you can bet it will be cool.

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