22 September 2017 - 19:51

This weekend's Trials of the Nine map in Destiny 2 has been swapped out due to an exploit

The map and game mode have changed.
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Image via Activision

In a little under two hours of gameplay on this weekend's Trials of the Nine in Destiny 2, Bungie has swapped out the chosen map for a new one due to an exploit.

It didn't take long for adventurous players to find a way to get outside of the boundaries on this week's map, Altar of Flame. The game mode was Survival, a first in Destiny 2's young life for Trials.

Bungie acted swiftly enough and changed this week's map and mode to Countdown on Eternity, which was the combination in the first weekend of the end-game PvP mode.

Those who might have been looking forward to playing Altar of Flame or Survival this weekend may be disappointed, but the change is for the best, as enterprising players would have undoubtedly used the exploit to their unfair advantage.

It's unknown when a fix will be available for Altar of Flame or how this change affects the schedule for Trials moving forward. Currently, next week's Trials is scheduled to be the game mode Countdown on the map Emperor's Respite.

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